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I have no idea who still reads this...

But I have a novel now, and I need people to read it, and vote on it.

Here it is

I would super love everyone who still reads this to read that too.

Jan. 1st, 2010

Vaporeon DJ
On the off chance that people are creepy enough to come here, I'm just going to put this out there.

I don't have anything to do with socks_anon.

So there's that.

Jul. 1st, 2008

Vaporeon DJ
I'm still alive I promise!

oh gin...

Vaporeon DJ
i just went on a drunk rant in my livejouranl. faulkner comes to mind.

and then i accidentally deleted it all. oh well.

long story short:

i miss some of you. you might know who you are, you probably don't. we used to be super good friends, and now well, we are still friends, but i miss talking to you. or something.

blame the gin for this.

oh you, you taste like the prohibition.

yet another picture of my dog

Vaporeon DJ

Jade....wears booties.

In which Cat becomes a professional

Vaporeon DJ
This is one of them complicated announcements that I put off for long enough, yknow?

First, I was going to announce that I was going to start a comic, for real this time. I mean I have a tablet, it was going to be all good and stuff like that. I have characters, plot lines, everything but a website and that would have come in time...

But I'm announcing that not only is there going to be a comic, but it is currently on hold.

How ever, the reason it is on hold is not because of lack of means in which to draw it, or anything like that...

But because I need to focus entirely on my portfolio. For illustration. Why is this considering the fact that I have never considered a career in illustration before?

Because I have an interview with an art director for a publishing company sometime in mid-september and may possibly get illustration work for yound adult novels.

But Cat! You have never had any actual talent in drawing before- now you want to go professional!?

Er...apparently yes. Very long story. This isn't really what I ever thought I'd be...but hell, Orson Welles wanted to be a painter.

-This isn't friendslocked, because fuck, this is exciting news, and I want to share this shit with the world.


Vaporeon DJ
So for the past few days I've been working for my mom an envelope stuffer for tax season. I've just sent tax forms to everyone in Highland Park, it's pretty good minimum wage under the table (read: TAX FREE) work, and it's very zen doing the exact same thing over and over for hours on end. But alas, I have finished taxing the entire town of Highland Park, and now I'm sitting at some Mick Jagger fan's desk (seriously, she has a bobble head) waiting for my mom's lunch break so we can go to a farmer's market, and then I head to my job interview in an hour.

Now, Elyse raised an amazing point here...if I just sent out tax forms, I was essentially taxing people, and does that mean that I am a peon of the government, and, in turn does that make me "the Man", and if this were the case, if I were the type of person who wanted to "stick it" to said Man, would I have to stick it to myself? My GOD.

I look rather cute today, I like scarves with stripes on 'em. The type that don't actually keep you warm if it were cold out.

Oh, as for a random update: two weeks in counting. no migraines. I'm pretty sure my blood is 95% Topamax right now.

Oh! Before I forget! Welcome to my friends section: jibjib_00. I promise you will most likely find it full of boringness and mediocre drawings.The last person who friended me got a picture of Tim Robbins, then again I don't think I drew him.

Apparently later on tonight I get to go bed shopping, which is "for the win". Phil still knows how to get a girl's toes curling by promising her actual sleeping room (that and a say in the purchasing process). A tiny one person bed that may or may not actually be for a ten year old is no place for a 20 and a 28 year old to sleep, dammit. Oh I hope he lets me pick out sheets!

I apparently end up ranting...weird!

Vaporeon DJ

That video is delightfully weird and slightly disturbing in a way that's not...really. Watch it.

Disclaimer: the song is in no way a reflection of how I feel about Phil at this time, lord knows some people will take it that way. It's a catchy song...sort of. But I'll always think of people in masks on bicycles jumping randomly now.

I'm very happy with Phil, I just don't feel the need to broadcast to the world about it, I feel like it's sort of tacky if that's all you're about. I've been that person, I've seen those people (i.e. the ex boyfriend's girlfriend), and unless they have a good reason ,I don't really like those people who are like "JUNE 22, 2007- OMG TODAY IS TUESDAY AND ISN'T MY BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND GREAT?" I let it slide if the relationship is new because that's when it's all like "whee! yay new boyfriend/girlfriend he's/she's fantastic!" I like reading those because it's new, and happy! I had my "omg gushing over Phil" phase two months after we started dating because that when I acknowledged when we started dating...but that's a whole other messy story. Basically, it gets annoying when two years after you guys start dating, you're still acting like you started dating yesterday.

And it's also annoying when you steal my friends.

Goodness me, where did that come from? Ok, so I have a grudge towards a few people that has formed this particular bias. But who could blame me?

Oh, by the way, Elyse, Gina looked at my iTunes and said "oh, so are you emo now?" and I blame you.

Ooooh, in a few hours I get to drive back up to Montclair, YES. I've been promised a trip to see Stardust and an Uldaman run that will probably end me up as level 42! Bitchin! I do like these weekend Phil-seeing trips.

(for the record that is not gushing, I am merely stating that I like going back up to see Phil, if I were like THE SUN RISES AND SETS ON PHIL'S MIRACULOUS WHIM FOR HE IS GOD" then it would be what I'm talking about. ...And I should be shot.)


Vaporeon DJ
Harry Potter.


Two things: First of all, Phil is getting a medal or something because he's doing all this stuff (including going to my Goddaughter's birthday party and agreeing to see Kevin Smith in August.) And to make it all mindblowing: to see this movie was his idea. And He let me rant about how it deviated from the book!

Ok, Luna Lovegood? I don't care if you're a Harry Potter Supah-fan, it doesn't mean that you're good at acting. They watered down the part so hard so that this chick could play it, I wanted to throw shit at the screen.

It was a series of images strung together so that people who have read the books could understand it, but the people I saw it with were like "eh? I do not understand who this Arabella Figg person is."

Other then that...I'm crushing on Bellatrix LeStrange so hard. Helena Bonham Carter rocked it.

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